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I am supposed to send a weekly status report to my team lead and manager every week.  I really like that the company takes an effort to know what is going on with the employees, and I like that I have the ability to speak up as soon as an issue arises.  However, I almost always forget to send this email.  I have set an alarm, and I am almost always busy when it goes off.  By the time I finish what I am doing, I forget the write the email and then it doesn’t get done.  I thought a fun project would be to create a PowerShell script to email me every Friday with a randomly generated status update.  I don’t want to send this randomly generated status automatically to my boss (just in case one week I want to add something to the status), so I will have it email me at work and my personal email.

The update has two parts: how I feel about my work and how I feel about my department.  For each of these, I wrote a few ‘beginning’ sentences and a few ‘ending’ sentences.  The script picks a random beginning and ending sentence for each category (work and department), color codes it, and sends the email to my personal and my work emails.

First, I set the email addresses and the subject:

Next, I set my work beginning sentence list and choose a random entry from it.  This general syntax is repeated a total of 4 times (two for work and two for department):

Now we can set up the body.  Part of the requirement for my status report is that each section (work/department) has to be color coded (green/yellow/red).  I want to default this to green.  In order to do that, we’ll have to write a little bit of HTML in the body of our email to highlight the text.  The body variable looks like this:

This is pretty simple HTML.  We are setting a style tag to highlight text as lime.  We will highlight just the $work and $department variables (but we will leave the ‘My Relationship’ headings).

Finally, we will set up the gmail SMTP server and port variables:

Now, we will set up our Gmail username and password and send the message:

Note that for the password string, you have to use ConvertTo-SecureString for this to work!

The last step was to simply set this script to run automatically every Friday at 2 pm.  To do this, I set up a task in the task scheduler (which we discussed here).  The only tricky part was that the action needed to start a program, with the program variable ‘powershell’ and the arguments -file “filelocation”.

That’s it!  Hopefully this will help me remember to send this every week!

Have questions or suggestions?  Please feel free to comment below or contact me.

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