An Introduction to Django – Part 6

Last time, we finished up investigating testing.  Now, we will try to customize the look and feel of our app by adding an image and a stylesheet. To customize our web app, we might need additional files like images, JavaScript, or CSS.  In Django, these files are called static files. Customizing The Look of Our App We […]

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An Introduction to Django – Part 5

In this part, we will look further into testing (how to test views, using the test client, and general testing tips). Testing Views Previously, we wrote a test to make sure that our was_published_recently() method would return False if the publication date is in the future.  However, the view that shows the questions does not […]

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An Introduction to Django – Part 3

In Part 3 of this introduction to Django series, we’ll look at making a simple form and also making views more generic. Make a Simple Form Lets put the form in the detail template.  Open the detail template (templates/polls/detail.html).  Change the file so that it looks like this:

This looks a lot worse than […]

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